Like pis and shit

Geplaatst: 12 juni, 2019 in Blog

Shitting on fascists with all my might,
shitting on haters, such a delight,
pissig on racists whenever i can,
pissing on those bastards,
I’m your man.

Fistfuck you,
its my pleasure,
you arsehole wil be black and blue
and resized,
and you resisted,
but you said no,
and no means yes,
you told me so,
and now your hole,
is a big sucking, black, bleeding mess

Kick a nazi,
in the face,
don’t be shy
ain’t no disgrace,
come on, now
brake his bones,
brake his spine,
after all,
he’s a swine.

Gotta keep shitting,
gotta keep pissing,
and then flush ‘m,
gotta get rid,
of fascists and alike,
like pis and shit.

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