Alexa, Echo! Do something!

Geplaatst: 24 september, 2018 in Blog, column

My wife has purchased an ‘Alexa.’ Three Alexa’s to be precise. One of them is actually playing music while I’m writing this masterpiece. Writing in English even(!) We found out that talking to machines can be very disturbing. Whenever I tell Echo -my smart internet of shit speaker’s name is Echo-, to ‘do’ something my wife asks: “What?” And then I’ve to explain to her that I am talking to Echo and not to her. So now I’m whispering to my Echo to do shit. To avoid shit.

My wife talks extra loud to ‘her’ Alexa. No clue why, I asked her once, but all a got was her infamous ‘Blom’ look. She’s a Blom you know. 

Usually my wife talks extra loud when she is trying to get me to do ‘something.’ I guess she is also trying to get her Alexa to do ‘something.’ And if her Alexa resembles me …

I wonder why there’s not a device added to this speaker system, a remote of some sort to manage this machinery. Without having to whisper or talk extra loud and stuff!!!

Now wait a minute…

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