The greatest turnout in the biggest disaster

Geplaatst: 30 augustus, 2017 in Blog, column

“This cap is for you… ‘kee, specially made for you… ‘kee.
I made a call a few day’s ago to have this cap made… ‘kee…
For you… ‘kee.
I offered to pay it with a cheque… ‘kee.
With my signature on it, ‘kee.
The man was soo happy to get a check with my signature, never have heard a happier man on the phone, so happy, sooo happy.
I bet he has the cheque framed and has the cheque hanging on his wall, a great wall by the way hahahaha,…. ‘kee.
Mexicans.., never mind…
So, I want you to wear this cap when we go to the greatest disaster this country has ever seen… ‘kee.
Bigger then Bangla…ehh… country. ‘Kee.
Much much bigger. Bigly even… ‘kee.
Open it, open it… please.
You’re welcome.
So proud so nice.
‘Kee its time to have a look folks, I’m sure the turnout will be great, the greatest turnout in the biggest disaster.
All for me, on tv.
The cap Mel.., Melania.., the cap.
Yes you will wear it.
Don’t make me sad Melania, its a great day, a great disaster and a perfect day for a great turnout.

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