#blackface fest in Maassluis

Geplaatst: 12 november, 2016 in Blog, column
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Hello folks,

Today ‘Sinterklaas’ and his ‘black Petes’ have arrived in Holland. The ‘Petes’ are in blackface, because grownups believe Santa is a party for kids and kids would not understand a ‘not blackface Pete.’ Seriously, no shit! You can imagine some dudes are offended with this blackface crap and are protesting. And guess what, the offended dudes have gotten slapped around a bit, rounded up, arrested and shit like that. I know, what the fuck! 

Of course there were also racist protesters in favour of blackface Pete. And rounded up and slapped around a bit you would expect, but no! They where put behind a fence and were allowed to do their racist thing. What the fuck!, I know.

Anyway, I’ll be back from Holland tomorrow at 7 pm. Please don’t forget to pick me up from the airport. Or you’ll be in deep shit, and I am gonna slap you around a bit! I missed you guys and am glad to be back home soon.



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